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Treated Like A Queen

I would like to share with you the experience I had while at PHX. When I got off the plane from Houston on the 8th of this month my assistant was Larry McLean and let me tell you from the get-go he treated me with the utmost respect, dignity, and treated me as if I was a queen! As I only had a few minutes to catch my connecting flight Larry made sure I had enough time for a restroom break and I was able to stop at the gift shop to pick up a shot glass for my collection. As we moved through the crowded airport I announced King and Queen coming through!

Larry got me to the gate on time and all the way to the plane and as we parted ways he said to me have a safe flight my queen, that made my day!!  You truly have a fantastic employee in Larry!! Later that evening as my flight had technical difficulties and I had to change flights; Mario picked me up then David took over for the rest of the evening until his shift was over however I spotted Larry and called him over to me and he greeted me by saying hello again my queen and asked me what had happened, I explained and then he told David to treat me as a queen that I am. David was a prince! No I do not have Davids last name however both gentlemen were so refreshing as they never let the time go without checking on me and continued to make me laugh!! Thank you for all that y’all do and please pass on my gratitude along with my appreciation to the guys aka King Larry and Joker David!

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