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A Wonderful Smiling Face for Prospect

I want to give a shout out to BRITTANY ARNOLD.  On Tuesday, I was with my grandsons on the American flight out of Las Vegas to Charlotte that had engine trouble at 6:15 AM and had to return to the terminal.

While trying to get a connecting flight to return to Tampa, my ten year old grandson, Quinn, was sitting in a chair facing the concourse wearing his SpongeBob hoodie.  Ms. Arnold walked by and immediately engaged Quinn with talk of their mutual love of SpongeBob.  The little fellow lit up, particularly when she said that while in LA, she had the opportunity to meet Tom Kinney, the voice of SpongeBob.

Quinn shared his passion for making videos for his YouTube channel with his plushies.  Brittany immediately asked about the channel so she could subscribe.  Then she reached for her laritet, and removed a SpongeBob pin, which she presented to Quinn.  You can’t imagine how thrilled and surprised he was.

Ms. Ua, Quinn and his brother are both on the ASD spectrum.  Landon functions as a 3-5 year old, while Quinn has a brilliant mind for technology.  With that said, making friends is often hard for him and he is frequently labeled quirky.  Ms. Arnold affirmed his passion and sent his self-esteem through the terminal roof that morning.

What a wonderful smiling face to have for Prospect.  She is incredibly kind, very caring, and so observant.  Not everyone wants to engage with a 10 year old.  She is to be commended for reaching out to a little boy on Tuesday morning.  How fortunate you are to have someone of her caliber representing Prospect.

-Susan W.

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