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Again You Amaze Us

My dear Prospect Team,

Again – you amaze us.  We are in the toughest of times and day to day with each and every detail… from the smallest to the substantial…  you transition us through and make it look effortless.

I walked in today and everything looked great!  The food bar which just underwent a major overhaul, the tables and the Servers who were smiling and greeting… I want to thank you and say, well done!

I am sure our Customers must be seeing what I saw.  At this moment, peace of mind is not easy to come by.  But the way in which our food and beverages are being served does give one peace of mind.  It all appears sanitary, clean and safe.  Yet still inviting and good.

The goal was to meet our Customer’s needs yet provide assurance nothing posed a health risk.  Mission accomplished.

I think the changes you just made will go a long way in making Customers feel comfortable.

I continue to be impressed with our Prospect Team and am grateful to have all of you at the helm holding the bar high for the DTW Sky Clubs.

Thank you.  Sincerely!  Nancy , DTW Delta Sky Club

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