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Founded in 1966 on the premise of delivering exemplary customer service to and on behalf of commercial airlines, Prospect Airport Services has emerged as a leader in the aviation support services industry.  Bob and Mary Strobel founded Prospect Airport Services with the same common goal that most of the employees at Prospect have: to support themselves and their families. Bob Strobel worked along with his 15 employees, cleaning bathrooms and buffing floors, as he started his first janitorial contract at O’Hare Airport in 1961.

 Bob Strobel was the engine behind Prospect’s growth, creating opportunities for himself and giving opportunities to those who worked for him. He symbolized all that is good in both life and business. Bob had a tremendous work ethic and expected the best of himself and others. He was a highly ethical man with a tremendous desire to serve his employees and his customers alike.

 Based in Chicago, Illinois, Prospect is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise with a senior management team that averages over 30 years of experience in airline and airport operations. With over 8,500 dedicated and professional associates, Prospect currently delivers a broad range of services to airlines in 25 cities and 26 airports around the country.

 Prospect’s success has relied heavily on investments in employee training and technology to ensure the highest levels of safety and customer satisfaction. From a safety record that is the envy of our competitors to the industry’s first state of the art PDA-based passenger wheelchair dispatch and tracking system, Prospect continues to show why it sets the standard for aviation support services.

 Prospect Airport Services is making a difference in our hometown and in communities all over the country. We are proud to support numerous service clubs and organizations including Rotary International, the Boys and Girls Club and the USO. Since our founding, our company and our leadership have demonstrated a strong commitment to giving back to our communities. We support schools, non-profits and charities through extensive volunteerism, sponsorships and donations.

 We honor the memory of Bob Strobel by dedicating ourselves to upholding Bob’s values of hard work, commitment to customer service and desire to make Prospect and their employees the most respected in the industry.



Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of Prospect.

To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on this link here.

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