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Such Compassion And Respect!

Such Compassion and Respect!

This past week our luggage was delayed/lost coming from LAX to DTW. As frustrating as this was I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the gate agents at Detroit’s baggage claim. Their names were Robin, and Lori. They were so kind and professional. They made a stressful and disappointing situation as good as it could be and gave me the reassurance that our bags would be located, and delivered to us. Robin heard me say to my fiancé that we would have to stop for toiletries and right away she handed me a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb etc. It made me feel like she did indeed care about the whole situation and was trying to do whatever was needed to help. Lori made sure to grab our bags at baggage claim as soon as they were received, and got everything set up for delivery. The courier (who’s name I do not remember) was also very efficient with letting us know when he would be dropping off our bags, and made sure they were in a location that worked for us. I just wanted it to be known that American Airlines team in Detroit was so kind and caring. It was so refreshing to have a situation that was disappointing and stressful go as smoothly as it possibly could and be treated with such compassion and respect! Thank you!!

-Michael L.

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