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Representatives of Excellence

I am writing you regarding the service that I experienced while traveling through the Philadelphia airport. I unfortunately have a seizure condition that requires to use the wheelchair service in order to get to my gate where I travel. I have had many people help me via wheelchair service, some have been memorable and not for good reasons. However, today when traveling to Boston from Philadelphia I had the privilege of meeting not one but two of your employees that were exemplary and should be commended for their superior service in helping those who have disabilities.  Traveling, especially alone, can be very nerve wracking and riddled with anxieties; however, when you are blessed to be aided by those who truly take  pride in their work and do their absolute best to help others, traveling becomes less daunting and challenging. The individuals that I had the privilege of meeting were  Ms. Felicia Smith and Ms. Lisa Jones. Ms. Smith aided me in my wheelchair through the process of security with diligent and focused demeanor so that we could efficiently and effectively get to my gate in enough time to use the restroom and get a snack. She had an infectious bright and positive attitude that was enjoyable while going through the process of getting to our gate. Ms.Jones was helpful while we were at the gate as I complemented Ms. Smith as she made herself available for any questions or service I may have needed.

These two women are absolutely assets to your company and should be not only commended personally but also publicly as a representative of excellence. I ask you to please pass along my complements and thanks for their work both verbally and in their employee record.

Again, thank you for having such wonderful and diligent employees to help those that truly need assistance.

With highest regards and deepest respect,

Cara  C.

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