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Parents Experienced Outstanding Customer Service Throughout Their Travels

At Prospect, we are always happy to hear from satisfied travellers.  We recently heard from a manager at our partner American Airlines about her family’s experience with Prospect.

Hi all,

Wheelchair service is one of the services our team buys but rarely has a chance to experience first hand.  So, since I recently had a trip with my parents, who both can’t walk long distances and needed services, I thought I would share.

PHX – absolutely phenominal!  They had personnel stationed at the ticket counter, no waiting.  They were delivered with care to the gate.  While waiting for the flight, they came back and checked in on us.

We boarded our flight to ORD, which ended up with a lengthy mechanical delay.  When we deplaned to go to another aircraft, they were right there.  Again, no waiting.

We ended up switching our routing and they quickly responded to take us to the new gate and again, continued to check in regularly and came back to bring them down the jetway.

CLT – our new flight took us to CLT, where again they were waiting for us when we got off.  Names on iPads, efficient movement from B13 to E23.  Very patient, personable, and professional.

CVG – our final destination.  Again, no waiting.  Same professional, personable attitude.  On our return, a couple wheelchair people caught us at the doorway and brought us to the counter for check in.  They had good communication with the Envoy personnel at the ticket counter.  Only hitch here was that we ended up having to push the wheelchairs ourselves down the jetway.

ORD – our connection on the return.  Again no waiting, aware of the gate change, very personable and professonal.

PHX – back home!  True to form, no waiting, quick delivery to the baggage carosel, and an offer to assist with bags (which we didn’t need).

One of the things all these locations had in common was the service provider – Prospect.  They did an excellent job!  As my parents have gotten older and have had more issues getting around, I’ve been worried about sending them off to the airport without assistance.  In the past, at other locations, I’ve felt like I’ve had to be an advocate in order for them to get the service and attention they need to get to the gate on time.  I didn’t feel that way this time.  This consistency in service makes me believe this is not a one-off event, but rather something Prospect as a whole is doing very well.

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