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Extraordinary Employee

I am a PHL based flight attendant.  I’m sending this email to highlight an extraordinary employee who’s employed with your PHL based company.  His name is Stevan Verneus.  On May 17,  Mr. Verneus cleaned flight #809 inbound TPA-PHL.  He worked very diligently and was extremely courteous to all the passengers he encountered. However,  all that does not compare to the extraordinary way he helped an elderly couple that needed extra attention from the flight attendants.  Once he finished his cleaning duties he saw that we flight attendants were still assisting an elderly couple.  The couple had a medical incident inflight and needed additional attention which was given but sometimes a new face can alleviate some situations. Stevan jumped right in and gained their trust, which helped us flight attendants get the passengers off the aircraft much faster.   Most would’ve said “that’s not my job” but Mr. Verneus did not hesitate to step in and help out.  He treated the elderly couple as if they were his own grandparents which speaks volumes of this young man’s character.  He’s truly an asset to your company.   Thank you for employing this young man. Sincerely,  Jamie R.

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