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Amazing Experience

I wanted to write to you to tell you about the amazing experience we had at PHL airport, when your employee, Shynese Green, gave my family a lot of help.  And this goes far beyond the typical assistance one might ask of your service team members that provide wheel chair and gate assistance. It was much more unique.

My elderly mother, father and I had returned from a long trip.  My mother has trouble walking and was usually a wheelchair.  She went to use the bathroom at the PHL baggage claim.  Unfortunately, the family bathroom was locked for some reason, so she had to go to the main one alone.  Normally she is fine, but on this day she actually had more physical difficulty due to being tired from traveling and the bathroom stalls were not in good shape.

She had difficulty with the lock mechanism after being inside and also the low height of the toilet caused her great difficulty.  She needed some help.

Now we didn’t seek out Shynese, she actually happened to be in there already and saw the need and offered to help on her own judgment.  My father and I couldn’t go into the public woman’s restroom so we would have been in major trouble had it not been for her.  She was friendly, looking for several ways in which to help including finding a way to open the door from the outside, helping my mother physically and taking her a spare change of pants which had become dirty from the floor during this experience.

She came in and out talking to me and my father and finally brought my mother out during the ordeal.  She then proceeded to help my mom with the wheelchair which was a relief for her and even wanted to carry out bags!  (we were fine, but it was nice to offer).  The whole time she was friendly and concerned which was surprising because this type of thing is clearly outside her assigned duties for work and was a bit awkward and I would expect most people to shy away from this responsibility. But she embraced it.

Shynese should be commended for her great help, focus on people, genuine concern and compassion and for representing Prospect in a professional manner.  She is also an excellent communicator, something that is sometimes lacking with people who are just punching their 9-5p.  Please extend another thanks to Shynese’s and to her supervisor for her help.

-Brad B.

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