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A Star in the Ranks

This past week I have visited three different airports to travel for my lovely vacation cruise out of Miami.  I want you all to know that Detroit Metro stands ahead of the other airlines, especially when it comes to Customer Service.  The staff is welcoming and friendly and you have a star in the ranks.  A young man by the name of Caleb Dobson blew us away with his superior service.

1. He was ultimately professional.

2. He spoke highly of Detroit Metro and the upgrades.

3. He asked us if we found them helpful, and when we answered affirmatively, he thanked us for our kind words.

4. He pushed my cousin and me in what my husband is calling, “Super Chairs” with such ease.

5. Because I am over 5’10” and large, I usually don’t get warm fuzzies from the people offering assistance, but not Caleb.  He quickly stepped up and said, “I’ve got you!”

6. He made it his mission that we felt taken care of with dignity and respect.

7. He took my cousin, the other person he pushed to her car with luggage.

Then he ran back to take me to the shuttle.

8. Just to be clear, my husband said he was sprinting to get back to us.

I finish this note with tears in my eyes because Caleb made me feel like I mattered.  It is the lesson I will share with my staff post haste. I try to express why customer service is so important to my library team, but now I have another example, beyond Chick Fil A of superior customer service.  It wasn’t until I experienced the other two airports did I realize how exceptional Detroit Metro had become.  Keep rising to the top, you have my highest recommendation!! And if I have an opening, I’m looking for Caleb Dobson.  Just kidding, he was clear that his heart was with Detroit Metro.

-Judith J.

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