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“I required some assistance with a wheelchair. A young woman transported me from the plane from Baltimore to the terminal on the other side of the runway. When we reached the escalator/elevator area, we observed that a man with a service dog was having a problem. The dog was afraid of the escalator and wouldn’t get on. The leash slipped out of the man’s hand and he continued on down the escalator. Several people seemed to want to help. But Hannah, my young helper, took charge of the situation. She picked up the dog’s leash and called to the man that we would meet him at the bottom of the escalator. She pushed me into the elevator and tugged the frightened dog in with us.  When we got to the next level, we waited as the dog’s owner made his way back to us and thanked Hannah for all her help. I was so impressed with this young lady’s manner and the professionalism with which she handled herself.  Her leadership skills and confidence are just amazing to me. I just want you to know what a gem she is. Hannah is going to have a bright future. Thank you and Thanks to Hannah for getting it right!”

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