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“I am a 29-year Delta employee, and on Monday, April 14th I flew with my 84-yr old Mom from Tampa to New Jersey (with a short layover in Detroit) so she could spend the Easter holiday with my sister and her family.

My Mom is unable to walk long distances, so I put a special service remark in her reservation requesting a wheelchair for long distances.  When we arrived at the Tampa airport for our outbound flight, a wheelchair was waiting for her at check-in and she was pushed from the check-in kiosk all the way to the gate.  When we arrived in Detroit and stepped off the plane, there was a wheelchair pusher waiting on the jet bridge holding a tablet with her name on it!  She was rolled from the jet bridge to the gate for our next flight.  The gentleman was very polite even asking my Mom if she needed to stop anywhere.  Once we arrived in Newark, it was the same thing, a gentleman was waiting with a wheelchair on the jet bridge holding a tablet with her name on it!

The same thing happened the following week when I flew with my Mom from Newark through Detroit and back to Tampa on Monday, April 21st!  Wheelchair pushers waiting on the jet bridges holding tablets with her name on it. I am so happy and proud to work for a company that treats non-rev passengers and parents as well as revenue passengers.  My Mom was so pleased and happy that everything went so smoothly.  She hadn’t flown in more than ten years because of an experience she’d had in the past, and she was very hesitant to fly this trip.

I did not get all of the wheelchair pusher’s names in each station but I’d like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to each one of them for treating my Mom so wonderfully.  I do remember Janelle in the Tampa airport who was so very kind and patient once we returned to Tampa.  I’d like to extend my sincere “Thank You” to the Tampa, Detroit and Newark stations for their outstanding service!”

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