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Prospect’s Norman Blake Recognized For Dedication And Commitment By American Airlines

Prospect’s Norman Blake Recognized for Dedication and Commitment by American Airlines

Prospect Airport Services Department Manager Norman Blake was recognized by the American Airlines Passenger Service team in Philadelphia recently.   The recognition award was presented at an American Airlines staff meeting that Norm and a fellow Prospect team member attend each week. 

At each weekly staff meeting, AA asks for nominations of people that should be recognized for their service or achievements.  Awards are usually restricted to American Airlines employees, but AA managers unanimously nominated Norm.  According to Lakshman Amaranayaka, Managing Director, AA Customer Care PHL, Norm has been extremely responsive to the Airline’s needs.  He has arranged extra shipments to support European stations at a moment’s notice, been very active in the MOGT turn process improvement teams by getting Prospect crews on the aircraft quicker. 

Clint Smith, Prospect Vice President, Eastern Region said, “Norm has been a proactive part of the daily American Airlines briefings and follows up immediately on possible service failures.”  As to the unusual recognition of a non-AA employee, Clint said, “This demonstrates how ingrained Norm is within the AA culture.  He is considered “one of them”, a great compliment”.

Smith added, “This is what we have been working towards at every one of Prospect’s locations:  Getting our customers to trust us and to think of Prospect as a key part of the airline’s success.  We are very proud of Norman Blake and the service he provides to American Airlines and their valued passengers.  Having Norm work so closely with the customer  has added a tremendous amount of value to the Prospect partnership with American Airlines.”

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