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2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients Announced

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Prospect Airport Services, Inc. is honored to announce the 2018-2019 recipients of the Robert and Mary Strobel Scholarship. Each year in recognition of integrity, commitment and enterprise, the foundation awards qualifying Prospect employees scholarship funds. Nearly 200 scholarships and over $410,000 have been awarded to date.  Each year, Prospect offers its team members opportunities for advancement in education and training.  The Robert and Mary Strobel Scholarship was created to honor the memory of the founders of Prospect.   Scholarships were announced at the annual Prospect Safety Summit in Chicago.  We are very proud to have you work for us at Prospect and hope you will continue while you pursue your education. 

Joash Agyemang, Newark

Michael Aramede, Tampa

Shady Beshara, Nashville

Dalia Cruz, Midway

Gbehounou Dossou, O’Hare Terminal 5

Mesafnt Kalu, Denver

Gifti Kenea, Tampa

Biya Kenea, Tampa

Wako Kenea, Tampa

Avoura Marie Koffi, Newark

Solange Mbah, Newark

Isaac Nelson, Newark

Adil Omar, Orlando

Daria Ottoson, Salt Lake City

Rocia Padilla, O’Hare AA Office in Terminal 3

Samiratou Pare, Newark

Ashiya Patel, O’Hare AA Office in Terminal 3

Ayesha Saad, Philadelphia

Sadiya Said, Dener

Kobe Sellers, Atlanta

Sumandip Singh, Baltimore

Veronica Smreczak, O’Hare Terminal 5

Kayla Stripling, Atlanta

Robert Strobel, O’Hare Terminal 2

Mae Angelique Tan, O’Hare Terminal 5

Sulamithe Tankeu, Newark

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