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Prospect Supports Medical Mission

Prospect Supports Medical Mission

Prospect employee Paul Cody, Sr. recently returned from his 25th year volunteering with a medical mission in Ecuador.  Paul reports:  ‘I can say while it was exhausting, I am  extremely happy with the outcome.  We screened almost 250 kids, performed 67 surgeries and 1160 dental procedures. I also gained an incredible appreciation for speech therapy.  Every mission, there is always one that captures my heart and this year was no exception.”

In a note to Prospect President Vicki Strobel, Paul writes, “The attached picture will allow you to see the changes which occur thanks to people like yourself.  This was my special one. Because of this mission, FullSizeRender-6-3she will now lead a normal life.  This year was also special as two of our former patients joined the team as volunteers. Watching them grow and flourish is incredibly rewarding.  Also this year, as he does every year,a young man that we operated on back in the 90s. came back to say hello.  This is just a quick thank you to you and your family. For your generosity, and in allowing me to participate.”

Thanks to Paul and our generous Prospect Airport Services family for the great work they do…in our communities and worldwide!

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