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Going the Extra Mile

I requested assistance (wheelchair) with my airport transfer upon arriving at SFO, on an Air New Zealand flight, on 17th July 2017. Mr Nestor Dolde was assigned the task . We were well on our way to the terminal where I was supposed to board my domestic flight when I realized that I had left behind, in one of the airplane’s bathrooms, my two finger rings (I took them off to wash my hands). I was very upset, these rings are of great sentimental value, and I told Nestor about it. There was no time to go back, and Nestor did what I would think was impossible: he managed to get in touch with the cleaning crew, talked to managers…and at the end my rings were brought back to me, to the departure gate!!!  I am truly grateful and wish to thank Nestor and Prospect for the wonderful attitude and the willingness to go the extra mile, and for the professionalism and efficiency. I wish Nestor and his family all the best, from the bottom of my heart.

Regards, Krassie

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