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Training and Service: A+

Hello Detroit Customer Care!

I am not writing to complain but to give an A+ to two of your employees and the training you provide for your employees!

On Friday I arrived in DTW from TVC (Traverse City).  I had ordered a wheelchair through my Delta reservation.  Right at the exit door of the plane was your employee waiting for me along with a name sign. Also he asked for my boarding pass to scan it with all the information.  He assisted me promptly and got me to my next gate even though there had been a gate change.  I was very impressed and told him so as he maneuvered through the airport.

Then I arrived at Atlanta thinking I would be attended to in the same manner.  Well, I had to wait for assistance. There was no name sign and I was not asked for my boarding pass.  Such a difference and no service!

Today I checked at the gate in Sarasota that I would have a wheelchair in Atlanta and also Detroit.  But, when I arrived in Atlanta there was NO wheelchair or person waiting . . . 20 minutes later after I struggled to walk up the ramp to the gate desk I had to ask the gate agent to call for a wheelchair. Another wait of 5+ minutes then two employees discussed who was going to get me to my next gate. It was a very unprofessional and unsatisfactory situation!  I worried about arriving in Detroit as the connection was close and the gates were distant.  But, YOUR employee was there on the ramp to take me quickly to my next gate, complete with a name sign and a cheerful nature.

Keep up the good work and do not change a thing in your training . . . it is valuable to meet a traveler with a name card and a wheelchair when it has been ordered.  And, to not let someone deplane asking for a wheelchair when they have not ordered one is not professional or a good business practice.

I know that when I fly in or through Detroit and order a wheelchair, your company Detroit Customer Care is just that, you are taking care of your customers!

Please share this post with your employees.  They make a difference! Detroit WINS for wheelchair service!

My only suggestion would be for you to have business cards for your employees to hand out where they can sign their name and hand out to your customers, yes to all customers.  I think your employees would be proud to hand out those cards with a more positive approach and a name to award points or a $1 for expert service.

C.N.R., frequent traveler
Traverse City, Michigan 

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