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My 79 year old mother was traveling by herself from dtw to phx on flight 413 on 1/2/16. She resides in Toledo, Ohio and usually flies out of DTW. She needs wheelchair assistance. My daughters and I drove from Northern KY to take her to the airport to facilitate her travel as she gets nervous with a car service dropping her at the curb. We had an outstanding experience because of the wheelchair attendant. I dropped my daughters and my mother at the entrance. They were to go in and get the wheelchair assistance started while I parked the car. By the time I got to the security area to meet them, she was almost through security! (And my parking experience was wonderful and I felt like I was quite timely in my arrival from parking.) I could see the attendant help her through the scanner and in/out of chair. As she was finishing the screening we could no longer see her because she was in the wheelchair. Then, the kindest thing was done by her attendant when my Mom was completely through security – she turned and waved her arms to let us know that she was through security. My mother told me that the woman attendant then told her that she let us know. This gesture meant a lot of and goes a long way when you have an elderly, newly widowed mother who lives in another state and who wants her family to know she’s okay. I would like to thank this woman and let you know the wonderful service provided. I was very impressed with the North terminal and parking and way finding.

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