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Focused on Safety, Committed to Service, Dedicated to our Customers

Quality and Service

Today’s airline industry faces a seemingly endless array of business challenges. Yet recent history has shown that those organizations that successfully deliver high quality, consistent service levels while effectively managing costs can still weather any storm.

Exceeding All Expectations

With nearly a half century of experience, over 4000 motivated associates, and cutting edge proprietary technology, Prospect Airport Services helps our airline partners meet these challenges and exceed all expectations from their customers and shareholders alike.


Committed to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence ensures that superior customer service and operational cost savings go hand in hand. Whether the need is for Passenger Assistance, Cabin Service, or Cargo Handling,  airlines are turning to Prospect to deliver these and other key support services.

Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Skycap services, wheelchair attendants, baggage handling….the front line providing extraordinary experiences.

Cabin & Ramp Services

Cabin & Ramp Services

Quick efficient turn-arounds and clean airplanes are critical to on-time performance and customer satisfaction.

Cargo Services

Cargo Services

Prospect’s full range of cargo support services can assist in virtually any capacity on your behalf.

Other Services

Other Services

Prospect currently offers a variety of additional services designed to meet the diverse needs of our airline customers.

From Our Customers:

I wanted to let you know what a great job my wheelchair assistant did last evening. Mike, aka Murphy went above and beyond! My flight from Midway to Detroit was rerouted to Cleveland due to weather. After refueling we landed back at Detroit leaving very little time (really no time) for me to make the last Michigan Flyer bus from Detroit to East Lansing. Had I not made that bus I would have been stranded at the airport. Not only did Murphy push myself and another woman to the baggage claim, help us with our luggage, and take her to the restroom… but he offered to help me try and make it to the bus. He was reassuring and lighthearted during some very stressful moments for me. We made it to the bus with one minute to spare. He even made sure I got up the stairs of the bus safely. What a sweet and kind gentleman! I also happened to have Murphy as my wheelchair assistant at the start of my trip ten days earlier and he was so polite, kind and accommodating then as well. I so appreciated his assistance and his attitude. If all of us could have a little more Murphy in our lives I think everyone would be a bit happier. He is definitely your employee of the year in my book!

I want to give a shout out to BRITTANY ARNOLD.  On Tuesday, I was with my grandsons on the American flight out of Las Vegas to Charlotte that had engine trouble at 6:15 AM and had to return to the terminal.

While trying to get a connecting flight to return to Tampa, my ten year old grandson, Quinn, was sitting in a chair facing the concourse wearing his SpongeBob hoodie.  Ms. Arnold walked by and immediately engaged Quinn with talk of their mutual love of SpongeBob.  The little fellow lit up, particularly when she said that while in LA, she had the opportunity to meet Tom Kinney, the voice of SpongeBob.

Quinn shared his passion for making videos for his YouTube channel with his plushies.  Brittany immediately asked about the channel so she could subscribe.  Then she reached for her laritet, and removed a SpongeBob pin, which she presented to Quinn.  You can't imagine how thrilled and surprised he was.

Ms. Ua, Quinn and his brother are both on the ASD spectrum.  Landon functions as a 3-5 year old, while Quinn has a brilliant mind for technology.  With that said, making friends is often hard for him and he is frequently labeled quirky.  Ms. Arnold affirmed his passion and sent his self-esteem through the terminal roof that morning.

What a wonderful smiling face to have for Prospect.  She is incredibly kind, very caring, and so observant.  Not everyone wants to engage with a 10 year old.  She is to be commended for reaching out to a little boy on Tuesday morning.  How fortunate you are to have someone of her caliber representing Prospect.

Susan W.

I requested assistance (wheelchair) with my airport transfer upon arriving at SFO, on an Air New Zealand flight, on 17th July 2017. Mr Nestor Dolde was assigned the task . We were well on our way to the terminal where I was supposed to board my domestic flight when I realized that I had left behind, in one of the airplane's bathrooms, my two finger rings (I took them off to wash my hands). I was very upset, these rings are of great sentimental value, and I told Nestor about it. There was no time to go back..and Nestor did what I would think was impossible: he managed to get in touch with the cleaning crew, talked to managers...and at the end my rings were brought back to me, to the departure gate!!! I am truly grateful and wish to thank Nestor and Prospect for the wonderful attitude and the willingness to go the extra mile, and for the professionalism and efficiency. I wish Nestor and his family all the best, from the bottom of my heart.

Krassie P.

I just wanted to share a very positive experience we had while flying Frontier with my husband, toddler and elderly parents, one of whom is in a wheelchair. We had the pleasure of meeting Aimen, a young porter, who was such a wonderful help to us. He was so friendly, patient and kind and we just would not have had as positive an experience had Aimen not been there. He helped us from our car to the gate of the plane and was so reassuring and personable. Whoever hired this kind, young fellow deserves to be commended. If all airport employees were as dedicated and positive as Aimen, traveling would be a breeze. Could you please pass along my appreciation to Aimen's supervisor? Thanks for your help, Amy

Amy P.

On September 7, I flew to Charlotte to be with my daughter who was being operated on the next day. I require wheelchair assistance whenever I travel. Your organization sent Adron to assist me. Since this was the first time I have traveled without my husband, I was terrified. Several times I wanted to turn back and not take the trip...but concern for my daughter's well being...caused me to move through my fear and take the trip. Adron showed up with my wheelchair...almost immediately, Adron's kind professionalism and demeanor put my fears to rest. He spoke in a gentle manner and represented your company as I am sure they would have wanted. I am happy that I have your card and phone number because the next time I have to first choice as my wheelchair person will be Adron!

Joanne B.
“I am extremely grateful for the assistance of your employees, in the air and especially on the ground. First, I was met by Tarek curbside at the Detroit airport. He was absolutely wonderful, getting me through the check-in and security process. He patiently waited while I purchased a drink and then took me to the gate. He even came back to check on me while I waited to board. He was extremely kind, friendly, and cheerful, yet also very courteous and professional. The gate staff in Detroit and the flight staff on the first leg were equally wonderful, quickly getting me settled on board.”
Michael L.

Here at Jetblue we always strive to give credit where it is deserved. I would like to give some recognition to Christina Mullins. These past couple of nights, she's been going above and beyond  making sure our closing flights are fully met and staffed upon arrival. Even when we would have pop up customers she would have someone arrive quickly. I would also like to give some recognition to Mr. Devee. When I have issues he corrects the issue quickly and swiftly and for that I thank you. The Prospect team has been doing a phenomenal job!  On behalf of our Detroit Station we would like to say "thank you"!  Keep up the excellent work!! 

Aymen A.

My 79 year old mother was traveling by herself from dtw to phx on flight 413 on 1/2/16. She resides in Toledo, Ohio and usually flies out of DTW. She needs wheelchair assistance. My daughters and I drove from Northern KY to take her to the airport to facilitate her travel as she gets nervous with a car service dropping her at the curb. We had an outstanding experience because of the wheelchair attendant. I dropped my daughters and my mother at the entrance. They were to go in and get the wheelchair assistance started while I parked the car. By the time I got to the security area to meet them, she was almost through security! (And my parking experience was wonderful and I felt like I was quite timely in my arrival from parking.) I could see the attendant help her through the scanner and in/out of chair. As she was finishing the screening we could no longer see her because she was in the wheelchair. Then, the kindest thing was done by her attendant when my Mom was completely through security - she turned and waved her arms to let us know that she was through security. My mother told me that the woman attendant then told her that she let us know. This gesture meant a lot of and goes a long way when you have an elderly, newly widowed mother who lives in another state and who wants her family to know she's okay. I would like to thank this woman and let you know the wonderful service provided. I was very impressed with the North terminal and parking and way finding.

Kathy B.


On Time Performance 98%
Satisfaction Rating 96%
Positve Survey Results 94%
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