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Prospect Receives Honors For Commitment To Safety

Prospect Receives Honors for Commitment to Safety

Prospect Airport Services, Inc. is pleased to be recognized for our commitment to safety by our airline and airport partners.

Prospect has recently been honored with the presentation of an award by United Airlines SAT GM and Corporate Leadership.  United’s Safety Excellence Program aims to reduce injuries and aircraft damage. Prospect consistently meets specific award criteria.  

Paul Cody, Prospect Regional Vice President at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport said, “It’s nice to see our team recognized by UA.  At the event, it was nice to hear the positive feedback about our team’s fantastic job.”

Prospect Cabin Services at Orlando International Airport also was presented with the United Airlines Safety Excellence Award for the team’s commitment to the program and the safety of the employees.

Safety is Prospect’s number one priority and the company is proud to be recognized for its commitment to safety.

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