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Polite, Efficient and Prepared

I thought I would pass on a compliment from a flight attendant for the cleaners of our GRR to MSP flight 3348 on Sunday December 23rd. The flight attendant was raving about how polite, efficient, and prepared the cleaners were. She said “These are some of the best cleaners I’ve seen at an airport in a long time.” She informed me that she asked them for blankets and ice and they got it to her right away and were did an awesome job of cleaning the aircraft. She said they had a smile on their faces while cleaning the plane and that they were so respectful and polite and really made her day easier. I just wanted to pass along a little compliment this holiday season to let them know their hard work does not go unnoticed and that they are appreciated this Christmas season. Not sure who you need to pass this along to, but I’d love for them to hear these kind words from this flight attendant.

-Hannah H.

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