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Impact of Scholarship

Prospect Airport Services is proud to offer the Robert & Mary Strobel Scholarship Award to deserving members of the Prospect Family.  One recent recipient, Gary Burns, shared this note with us:

Dear Prospect Corporate Team:

I am sending this message to say thank you for helping me achieve something I did not think possible prior to being selected as a recipient of the Robert and Mary Strobel Scholarship.  Being awarded the scholarship enabled me to afford and complete my teaching internship this semester, which was the last and most costly hurdle to get past in achieving my Bachelors degree in Mathematics Education from the University of South Florida.

My name is Gary Burns and I have been working for Prospect in Tampa for just over ten years.  My wife and I had a baby girl on April 16 of this year.  I saw that between my wife taking almost three months off after having her coupled with her being on bed rest for two months during the pregnancy, the nest egg I had built up preparing to both pay the tuition bill of $2600 for my internship semester and afford to live while working five days a week teaching  with no pay for three months would surely be depleted.  I did not think there would be any chance of me being able to afford the internship semester in the near future.  That was until I was awarded the scholarship. 

The scholarship enabled me to pay the tuition bill for the semester and my wife and I somehow made ends meet with her pay and what I was able to bring in working weekends.  I was able to complete my internship and graduated this past weekend.  It would not have been possible without the Robert and Mary Strobel Scholarship.  My wife, my step children, my baby girl, and I would like to thank you for your generosity which made the impossible possible for us.

We cannot thank you enough for helping me complete something I’ve worked long and hard to achieve. We hope everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  Attached is a picture of my wife, my baby girl, and I celebrating the day.


Gary Burns

Congratulations to Gary Burns on his tremendous accomplishments!  We are proud to have you in the Prospect family!


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