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Ever Present, Smiling and Accomodating

I’ve been meaning to email you and share what a nice job Shirley and Tom do here at the gates every day.  They are ever present, smiling, accommodating, do their job and assist the agents with a  variety of tasks.  We couldn’t be happier with these two!

 The other day, I received a call that 2474 the 1136 DFW flight was checking in and we had 17 wheelchair customers. These customers didn’t have their own chairs.  I called the coordinator and went up for boarding to assist –To my surprise Ali the Supervisor was there and had an army of reinforcements to get the pre boarding accomplished very quickly.  I thanked him and must say I’m really impressed!

 Had a another situation that was not so favorable, called and Ali came right up, and I know he will handle it.  I really just wanted to pass along that your team is doing a great job, they are all respectful, responsive, know their jobs and have a great work ethic!

-Vickie Z.

American Airlines


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