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I wanted to let you know what a great job my wheelchair assistant did last evening. Mike, aka Murphy went above and beyond! My flight from Midway to Detroit was rerouted to Cleveland due to weather. After refueling we landed back at Detroit leaving very little time (really no time) for me to make the last Michigan Flyer bus from Detroit to East Lansing. Had I not made that bus I would have been stranded at the airport. Not only did Murphy push myself and another woman to the baggage claim, help us with our luggage, and take her to the restroom… but he offered to help me try and make it to the bus. He was reassuring and lighthearted during some very stressful moments for me. We made it to the bus with one minute to spare. He even made sure I got up the stairs of the bus safely. What a sweet and kind gentleman! I also happened to have Murphy as my wheelchair assistant at the start of my trip ten days earlier and he was so polite, kind and accommodating then as well. I so appreciated his assistance and his attitude. If all of us could have a little more Murphy in our lives I think everyone would be a bit happier. He is definitely your employee of the year in my book!

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