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Prospect Announces Creation Of Prospect Charitable Foundation

Prospect Announces Creation of Prospect Charitable Foundation

Prospect Airport Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of The Prospect Charitable Foundation and the Foundation’s new website,

The leadership of Prospect Airport Services created Prospect Charitable Foundation to focus its charitable endeavors as they have expanded in recent years.  The Foundation directors will establish a stable commitment of philanthropic support to assure the programs and services remain strong and available, as well as ensure the organization’s fiscal resiliency.

“It is an honor and privilege to serve alongside my fellow Prospect Charitable Foundation board members,” said Vicki Strobel, Founding Director. “I look forward to working with them and the Prospect Charitable Foundation family to build a lasting legacy for the organization.”

Prospect strives to make a difference in the communities it serves in a variety of ways.  The support extends to local service clubs and organizations, including Rotary International, the Boys and Girls Club, the USO, Salvation Army, and many more.  Prospect has provided financial assistance to numerous organizations supporting individuals with disabilities.  Over the years, Prospect has provided scholarships and educational assistance to hundreds of individuals, along with financial assistance for internships, leadership training and career readiness.

Since its founding, Prospect and its leadership have demonstrated a strong commitment to giving back to the dozens of communities in which it serves.  Prospect, its leadership and team support schools, non-profits, and charities through extensive volunteerism, sponsorships, and donations. Creating Prospect Charitable Foundation (PCF) is an extension of that strong community work. This includes helping the organization secure adequate resources, enhance its public standing, and ensuring legal and ethical integrity in its operations. Although the PCF and Prospect are two separate entities with independent missions, they are committed to working together to enhance the growth and success of the communities in which they serve.

To learn more about Prospect Charitable Foundation, please visit our website.  We welcome your support as we work to enable others to overcome barriers, pursue their dreams and enrich the communities in which we live and serve.   

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