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December 05, 2007
Prospect Airport Services responds to Union defamation campaign

Over the past several weeks, Prospect has been the subject of a barrage of letters, flyers, post-cards and leaflets sent out by Service Employees International Union, Local 1877 ("SEIU 1877"). You may have either received some of these materials, or, at the very least, are aware of them. SEIU 1877 has recently launched a website entitled "Prospect Watch" on which SEIU 1877 has posted false, misleading and defamatory statements regarding Prospect.

All of these materials have been generated by SEIU 1877 solely in an attempt to try and affect Prospect's position in on-going union negotiations at the San Francisco International Airport. While a certain amount of such activity can be expected during union negotiations, SEIU 1877 has gone well beyond what is normal or expected with these defamatory activities.

For example, on the "Passenger Safety" page of the site, SEIU 1877 states that "Prospect has faced a number of personal injury lawsuits" in connection with its provision of wheelchair services (emphasis yours). In fact, during the five years that Prospect International has provided wheelchair services to the SFO airport, it has only one personal injury claim, on which a settlement was made for approximately $12,000. During the same period, Prospect handled nearly 400,000 wheelchair assignments at SFO. To claim, as SEIU 1877 does, that one, $12,000 suit out of 400,000 wheelchair assignments demonstrates a history of passenger injuries is blatantly false and misleading. Prospect trains its employees, holds meetings to go over safety issues and periodically conducts re-training. Given Prospect's safety record, it is clear that Prospect employees are properly trained and passengers are handled safely.

Further, on both the "Home" and "Labor Problems" pages of the site, SEIU 1877 claims that Prospect has violated a living wage ordinance and faces "charges" with respect to the same. These claims are plainly false; Prospect has not violated any such ordinance nor does it face any "charges" with respect to such an ordinance.

Further, on the "Airport Security" page, SEIU 1877 falsely claims that Prospect is the object of an "investigation by the Transportation Security Administration" and, by implication, that Prospect was the subject of legislative "hearings on the security breaches at O’Hare." These claims are also completely false. There has never been any TSA investigation, complaint, hearings or charges regarding Prospect, nor did the legislature hold hearings regarding Prospect or O'Hare security. Prospect is currently considering taking legal action against SEIU 1877 in order to protect its name and reputation.

Finally, SEIU 1877 claims that Prospect is the subject of complaints of unfair labor practices. What SEIU 1877 doesn't state is that SEIU 1877 filed such a charge and the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") dismissed the charge on October 19, 2007 because SEIU 1877 "failed to come forward and assist in the investigation." SEIU 1877 responded to this dismissal by re-filing the same generally stated charge again. Prospect expects this charge will also be dismissed.

These are only a few examples of many false and defamatory statements that SEIU 1877 has published on SEIU 1877's " website." The website represents an illegitimate attempt by SEIU 1877 to defame Prospect and interfere with Prospect's contractual relations with its customers, not only at SFO, but at every location throughout the United States where Prospect conducts its business operations. Prospect takes its reputation and its relationships with its customers very seriously and will take whatever steps are necessary to protect both Prospect and its customers.

Prospect, which conducts business operations at numerous airports throughout the United States, has been in business for over 40 years and has enjoyed an excellent reputation throughout the airline industry for its level of service, its record of safety and the commitment of its management personnel to work co-operatively with its customers. For Prospect to be subject to such false and misleading statements is unwarranted and unconscionable. Prospect is currently considering taking legal action against SEIU 1877 in order to protect Prospect's good name and reputation.

Prospect feels that it is necessary to communicate with the airline community to set the record straight and to refute the false and misleading information being generated and disseminated by SEIU 1877. We welcome any questions, comments or concerns which you may have. Please feel free to contact me at (847) 299-3636.

Vicki L. Strobel, President
Prospect Airport Services, Inc.


"It was truly outstanding – the young David Covert that helped me was a credit to himself and NWA…"
DJ Quirk Black Eagle, MT

"Chris was very kind. I could tell he enjoys his job very much. Keep up the good work!”
T. Kostich Fenton, MI

“Very professional and pleasant. Service was excellent”
E. Erb Toledo, OH

“I have never had to use a wheelchair before, but the young man was very kind and courteous. Without this I couldn’t have reached my destination.”
B. Winters Wilmore, KY

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D. Sudrovech Beaufort, SC

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